Gadot Belgium made another significant investment of 2 million EUROs in a set a new automated and semi-automated filling lines for classified and non-classified materials. The new lines complement the already existing filling capabilities of the site in Ghent and are needed to cover Gadot Belgium’s growth ambitions for the next few years.

Early January, testing was completed and commissioning of the new lines was completed.

The filling lines are integrated into a new warehouse setup, thus strongly reducing forklift traffic. Whenever possible, transfers are done by a conveyor system and a new automated transfer shuttle that is programmed to move drums from one location to another. This robotic transport system has its own data storage that registers what product it is transporting. The new filling lines set up is completed with a new palletiser that automatically handles various pallet types.

Through these new high performance filling lines, Gadot Belgium now has a combined capacity of 90.000 m³ of annual filling.