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Inspired by logistics, driven by excellence.

Gadot Belgium welcomes your talents, experiences and motivation.

If you want to enjoy @Gadot, discover our current positions.

It’s all about our values.

Our values define who we are. They give us a common mindset, a common way of working. Our values unite us one to another, this is our guiding thread.

It’s all about people

We have a rich company  history. Over the years, we continue to create new standards, to develop new services, to deal with new products. We continue to construct a new future.

It’s a vision, a mindset. It’s a daily work.

It’s our vision.

Our people are essential to our success.

Gadot Belgium, “a customer centric employer” but not only: an “employee centric employer”:

We are not only focusing on giving the customers excellence, quality, customer experience. We are also putting focus on our employees.

We want everyone to achieve their potential and ambition and everyone to feel well. We offer a wide range of trainings and we concentrate on a stimulating work environment.

We sustain entrepreneurship, giving the opportunity to grow and/or to manage projects within Gadot.

We constantly improve, we believe in the power of innovation.

One team

We have a mixed culture, white and blue collars.
We respect diversity.

We are one team working in the spirit of helpfulness and caring.

 Safety and responsibility

“Safety and responsibility” are part of our DNA. We focus on preventing incidents. We develop responsible and safe ways of working.

We want to have a positive impact on our people, on the environment and on the society.


  • 120 employees
  • 200 tanks
  • 100.000 m3
  • 3955 products
  • and so much new projects and ideas

We offer a dynamic workplace @ North Sea Port, in the heart of Europe

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We offer a dynamic workplace in the heart of Ghent sea port.

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